12 Christmas gift ideas for the interior enthusiast

Shopping for the interior enthusiast in your life? A thoughtful gift for the home would delight any design lover, from a sumptuous velvet cushion for the maximalists, to a handmade mango wood tray set for the eco-conscious homebody.

Shop our pick of the best Christmas gifts for the home…


KAUAI bowl has a organic shape in the design which makes each item unique.

The item in size may vary from item to item. The item is food safe.

Use the bowl as a decoration or for your favourite storage items.


  1. LUNGA vase, ceramic

LUNGA is a vase in ceramic with a black and white marble finish.
Each piece is unique in the colouring.

LUNGA vase, ceramic

  1. Stool, Okta, Nature

Bring warmth and a natural feel into your home décor with the Okta stool.  The octagonal design is made of mango wood and unites a modern expression with simple, yet sophisticated shapes. Given its sculptural appeal, place the stool in your living room and let it speak for itself.  For a functional approach, use it as a side table or incorporate it as additional seating when you are having guests over. Something as simple as a stool is taken to new heights with the Okta design.



ASSAM étagère made of black lacquered iron in a timeless design. ASSAM has three tiers and a light, elegant look that makes it easy to add to any decor. Use it for table settings and for giving your servings a decorative touch. With its functional design, ASSAM can also be used for storage in the kitchen, allowing you to create a warm, cozy atmosphere by displaying food items as part of the decor.


5.    Table lamp incl. lampshade, Orga, Sand

With Orga, you get a table lamp and sculptural piece all in one. The grey cement base adds softness with its voluminous shape while the linen lampshade in a sand colour creates balance with its edges and sheer size. Thanks to the height of this table lamp, you add a sculptural appeal wherever you place it. So do it justice and showcase this lamp on your side table, side board or console where it will light up your space.



The nuanced realm of Nordic design has two personalities. On one side, there sits the open, light, friendly, and democratic constituent. And, on the other hand, is its moody counterpart: sleek and sophisticated; timeless and traditional; and deeply rooted in the sensations and juxtapositions of nature.  Within the lines of tile-covered roofs born from the existence of nearby clay deposits and large windows that let in light during the shorter winter days, insight into this special thread of skilled craftsmanship awaits. Scandinavia Dreaming presents dazzling interiors, architecture, and products that show the richness, variety, and intensity of contemporary Nordic spaces.



For filler no. 1061. With a plain backside in same colour tone. Gentle hand wash.
Different kind of fabric types in same colour tones mixed into this beautiful cushion cover.
Available in 3 different colours.


8.    Chila Flowerpot, Brown, Stoneware

The Chila Flowerpot is made of stoneware with matte glaze in brown to give it a different and interesting look. The vase has an original shape with small stripes in the glaze. Just perfect with a green plant for a nice contrast.


9.    Mirror, Walls, Rose gold

Mirrors are more than just practical. They are also stunning wall decorations that add an atmospheric and spatial dimension to a room. This wonderful mirror adds a warm and exclusive touch to the room it is placed in. It comes with a nice rose gold finish in the glass. This stunning finish adds character to your home. Mix it with other mirrors in the living room, or place it in your hallway – there are so many options.

Mirror, Walls, Rose gold

10. Samai Sculpture

The abstract form of our Samai sculpture enlivens surfaces and adds an enchanting dimension to any interior. Due to the handmade nature of our sculptures, each is truly unique and any imperfections should be celebrated.



Pine, Vanilla, Amber, Musk, Cedarwood, Sandalwood

There’s no better therapy than walking in nature, all senses come to life. Our primal instincts kick in, with curiosity and connection drawing us further into the woods. Connect to the present moment, ground yourself with the earthy and woody notes of refreshing Pine, smoky Cedarwood, exotic Sandalwood, amplified with the warm and creamy scents of Amber, Vanilla and Musk.


12.Pampas Ginger flowers.

The clover flower pot is part of a collection designed and launched by lars tornøe autumn 2019. the flower pot is hand made and hand painted which makes every piece unique. the clover series is caring cooee’s iconic, matt and soft, surface. a nice extra detail is that clover also is coloured on the inside.


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