7 Tips for Creating a Luxurious Interior Design on a Budget

Having a luxurious looking home within a budget can be quite a task. But the good part is, there are several ways you can achieve this high-end home you are dreaming of. Top interior designers from around the world have shared some of their best secrets to homeowners that have given their houses an elegant look without going broke. Whether it’s changing the floors or just treating the windows, these interior designers provide simple solutions and tricks that can fool your guests into believing that your home is nothing less than a palace.

1. Paint

When it comes to decorating a room, people often forget to focus on the painting (which ideally should never be done). A good color palette on the wall can add some elegance and instant glamour to your whole house. You can either go for bold colors or soft ones. Softer colors give your home instant elegance. However, it depends on your personality in terms of what you choose. Painting interior doors black is also a wonderful idea. It creates a very expensive feeling without making you spend too much.

2. Pillows

The pillows in your home can make a big difference. If you chose them in the right way, they can definitely make a massive difference. Plus, if you have guests coming over, some comfortable and nice pillows can pack a punch and give the house a cozy and comfortable feeling altogether. You should ideally go for sizes between 12 to 18 inches as they are idyllic and look great almost anywhere. 

3. Lighting

Several contractors tend to choose basic lighting fixtures that are quite similar and have been used over and over again in the homes that are built. However, there are designer light fixtures that can add more elegance to the house than getting a fancy chandelier. You could get unique pieces of lighting from second-hand stores and flea markets and it would add double the value than expensive pieces. Overall, make sure you have many light sources such as floor and table lamps. 

4. Hardwood

Getting hardwood for your house can be a massive investment, but it can also be a wise one. Hardwood lasts longer than a carpet. There are various types of wood such as oak and birch that are less expensive and luxurious looking at the same time. They can improve the overall design and look of your house from the ceiling to the floor. 

5. Add some accessories

Several homes lack accessories, but if you are planning an elegant and beautiful look, you can add accessories. And don’t worry! There are plenty that will fit into your budget. You can use colors like god that is associated with riches and wealth. It gives your home an elegant look and definitely maximizes on the space. Gold picture frames, gold mirrors are the best options to go for. 

6. Affordable furniture can be luxurious too

Though there are several who feel like expensive couches fall out of their budget, getting hold of furniture that is cheap that can cost you more. Since they are cheap, they fall out quickly. If you truly want to give your house an elegant look, you could get the furniture reupholstered in such a way that it will match with the decor. This will help save on the furniture and give you enough space at the same time. 

7. Fix the windows

Having well dressed windows is one of the best features when it comes to luxurious interior design. You can trim the curtains on the window sills, frame all the glass panes and add more height to the room by keeping the rail near the ceiling. Next, you can dress the window with extended curtain. You can keep the color of the curtains neutral to make all things look chic. If you dont like the curtains, install the window trim. A charcoal or dark wood trim would create a nice contrast whereas a lighter option can create some nice sleek.