Embrace Boho Style

BOHEMIAN decorating is for those who want their homes full of life, culture, and interesting items for the world to see. This aesthetic flies in the face of modern sensibilities and embraces the carefree, the relaxed, and the unusual. 

What makes a design bohemian? 

  • Simple Base. To create a solid foundation, start with a simple base color for every bohemian style room. 
  • Botanicals. 
  • Plays On Pattern. 
  • Low-Lying Furniture. 
  • Go For Distressed Finds. 
  • Shy Away From Minimalism. 
  • Bright Colors. 
  • Metallics And Mirrors. 

Urban boho is an updated version of the design style that feels a bit more fresh and modern. It takes all the most popular elements of boho (Rattan, macramé́, brightly colored pillows and textiles), but also adds a new spin on things by pairing these elements with a variety of unexpected decor and furniture.