Andrea Evan was born in Cyprus and currently lives and works in Limassol.

She has always been attracted to the dangers that lie outside an artist’s “comfort zone”. As a person she likes melodrama, quietness, simplicity and she is drawn into dramatic poses and human body’s materiality. Andrea’s primary focus is figurative painting, choosing poses and faces that want to express something beyond emotions.

During her painting process she tries to explore every brush stroke and try to learn what painting, as an art form, is from scratch. Preferring to establish her work within a context of abstraction, the artist immerse herself in the process of discovering what oil paint is capable of, how it can reflect textures and illusions it has the ability to create.

When it’s time for the artist to let down her brushes and look back at the artwork she wants the viewers satisfaction to be carried on to her, and the curiosity that created this painting to be carried off to them.