Christos Katsinis mostly gets influenced from various media, artists and books such as “Regarding the pain of others|Susan Sontag” and “Uncanny|Sigmund Freud”.

Artists like Hans Richter, David Lynch and Nikos Nikolaidis and artists such as Mark Rothko, Mona Hatoum Edvard Munch and Adriana Minoliti, as his stimuli are also in line with Japanese Architecture.

The background behind the artist’s works has to do with the instincts of his childhood memories. Personal experiences, obsessions, compulsions are involved, seeking the balance between his own personal experiences and those of the spectators. The techniques he uses are different from time to time when he used to be working with installations and photography and this gave him the need to move to two-dimensional artworks.

Lately the media that interests Christos is collage and he tries to achieve this by all means.