Likya Atelier, a journey of self-transformation. Untouched landspaces of Lycian Way strongly inspired Likyas minimalist design and simple aesthetics.

The sunrise in the valley found a life in a relief with shadow and light. They believe in respecting the natural qualities of materials as both as an inspiration, and as a guide when creating their collections.

Sustainable Art.
Redefining Luxury in Contemporary Spaces.
In today's design landscape, sustainability and luxury converge in the form of eco-conscious artworks.
Likya Atelier crafts exquisite pieces using sustainable materials,
reflecting a commitment to both aesthetic excellence and environmental responsibility. Commissioned artworks allow patrons to align their living spaces with their values,
seamlessly blending opulence with sustainability. From inception to execution, sustainability remains paramount,
ensuring a harmonious balance between luxury and eco-friendliness. In the pursuit of sustainable living, art emerges as a powerful ally,
transforming spaces into sanctuaries of beauty and environmental stewardship.