Youri Visser is a French visual artist born in Paris 1988. After spending his last four years in Tel-Aviv, he went back to Paris and established his new studio there.

He started his career in visual arts in 2011/2012, after he completed his cinema degree.

At the beginning, he experimented, for about two years with abstract art, expressionism and figurative styles. Then, his work developed into a more personal approach, with the main influences of Minimalism and Conceptual art.

He says that the more he is developing his work, the more it gets personal and at the same time universal. In other words, the less he is trying to reach people, the more it gets interesting.

The way he views minimalism is that he starts with an idea – it can be political, a landscape, a book, etc., and then he tries to reduce it into a minimal expression; almost as if he didn’t act on the artwork. He also tries to minimize the number of movements he makes, and even with this approach, the way he works around the canvas and his use of composition and colours makes it very confrontational. If you are interested buying these artworks please contact decideART