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The designer Anders Pffefer Gjengedal, has grown up with sailboats and life out at sea. The inspiration for this unique vase is made with the spinnaker sail of a sailboat as its main inspiration, bringing a sense of fresh tailwind directly into your living room. The vase’s design captures the movement and lightness of the spinnaker’s curves, creating a visual expression of the energy that arises when the wind fills the sail. With soft lines and an airy form, the vase evokes a sense of motion. Leeward, the serene haven, is the perfect place to be, where the gentle tailwind bestows both drive and tranquility. Just as a sailboat is guided by the comforting presence of a tailwind, offering both momentum and a sense of calmness.” Place this vase as a work of art in your home to create an atmosphere of dynamism and adventure. Experience a bit of tailwind in your living room every time you let your gaze rest on this beautiful vase, first handcrafted in wood with simple tools. Let it remind you of the freedom and joy of sailboat life.

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